The Energy Within


David Stuart:
The Energy within

Following an implosion, the energy researcher David Stuart finds himself transported somewhere other than where he had just been. Thinking he has discovered a new form of energy, David’s thoughts turn to getting home and making his millions.

As David attempts to get back, he comes across people who do not use money, but a form of cell energy extracted directly from the body. By chance, David discovers that several of the coins he had in his pocket during the implosion have been charged with vast amounts of energy.

Suddenly David is rich and powerful with many friends, but still not where he wants to be. As David contemplates his return, the energy hungry neighbor with its leader, Colonel Barat, invades intent on extracting the population of their energy and their lives.

David must decide to stay and fight using his new found energy as a weapon, or follow his dreams and return home while the people he has become to call friends die. The war engulfs David and his small group, and quickly plunges them into danger, intrigue, and adventure as their relationship deepens into much more than just friendship.


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