Created by accident by a group of international researchers with a wish to make the world a better place, Zap was born.

Zap is a surge of energy that takes the form of a small, friendly, green character when he comes in contact with people. Zap has one mission, a desire to help children of all ages, to overcome their fear and anxiety.

To do this, Zap follows electrical signals generated by a child´s unhappiness, no matter where they may be in the world, and uses fun explanations to help resolve the fear that the particular child may have. While doing so, not only does the child in our story overcome their own fear, but your child may also look at a particular situation in a complete new way.

The adventures of Zap (or Zap´s adventures) is a series of books consisting of short stories with each covering a particular fear or anxiety, and within a different region of the world. 

"Greed I will not feed, only something you really need!"


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